Clipped street map

Cartographic representation. The geographic information comes from the following datasets; BTN (protected areas, artificial waterway, coastline, islands, group of buildings, buildings and constructions, cemeteries, enclosures, caves, mining operations, archaeological sites, green areas, green area paths, sports facilities and recreational facilities), NGBE (geographical names of beaches, orography, coastal relief, districts and neighborhoods), BDDAE (administrative boundaries), Transport networks (highways and urban roads, service areas, railway lines, railway stations, aerodromes and ports), Hydrography (hydrographic network and waterbodies), Populations (settlements), CartoCiudad (urban blocks, portals and kilometer points), SIOSE (forest land uses). A digital terrain model with hillshading is also included. Unlike the Street map layer, this one does not contain the representation of the countries. Data are rendered from the scale 1/20,000,000.

BTN Nomenclátor Límites Transporte Hidrografía Poblaciones CartoCiudad SIOSE MDT